Importance of CGC Comics Grading Opinion

by on August 3, 2009

The Comics Guaranty Company (CGC) is an enterprise that grades a comic according to its condition on the basis of certain criteria. CGC comics are typically sealed in a slice of plastic and tagged accordingly with its grade. When buying or selling comic books, the opinion of third parties is always important. Because of the good reputation of the grading company, CGC comics are often purchased by several people.

CGC has become the leader in comic book grading. A comic book that is not graded is often being sold at a very low price. Most comic buyers tend to choose comics that have been given a good grade by the CGC. Grading with CGC is quite easy. All that a comic book owner has to do is to fill out a CGC submission form that can be found at the grading company’s website and follow the rules that are being stated there. CGC is also accepting comics from Charter Member Dealers, Associate Members, Internet Partners and Authorized Member Dealers. Some of CGC’s Internet partners include Amazon, Coastline Comics, Heritage Comics, Incognito Comics, Diamond Galleries, Mile High Comics, Digital Webbing, A-1 Comics, Bill Cole Enterprises, Fantastic Select, eBay and Investment Collectibles. Graded comic books are often received after several days.

Several CGC comics can be found on various auction sites or online selling portals. One good example of this is eBay and Yahoo! auctions. Buying and selling CGC comics is fun and easy. Before purchasing CGC comics, it is wise to look for some examples or browse all the way through the websites’ ended auctions sections to have a good idea of what the CGC comics have been sold for. This could help consumers feel confident in what they are purchasing and if they are paying something that is worth their money.

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