New Smallville Cards on Sale

by on September 24, 2009

If you are excited that the new Smallville starts on Friday than you will be even happier if you are card collector.  Smallville cards will be hitting the shelves in late October with new set featuring all of your favorite characters.  These cards will have especially inserted used gear of Clark, Lois and the whole crew.  You will also be able to get authentic autograph or signed cards of you favorite characters as well. There were a few rumors that there would actually be two different series of these collectible cards but DC has not yet to release the information as of yet.  You can purchase the cards at your local card store, Walmart or the Baseball Card Shop.  The price has not yet to be released but should be very reasonable.  Just make sure that you buy a full box instead of just one pack at a time as you will end up paying double for the box when its done.  You will also be able to buy boxes on ebay.  A great new set for the Smallville Series.

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