Super Hero Train Sets

by on August 11, 2011

Some of our readers want to know if there are any Super Hero model train sets that exist.  The truth is we had to do some research.  Most hobby stores that we checked do not have any super hero train sets for sale. So we decided to start digging.  We checked sites like Ebay and Amazon to see if any new train sets were out there and what size and scale existed.  We found only a few sellers selling some older cheesy type of batman train sets that almost looked like they were made by the person that was selling them.  So the search continued. Finally a breakthrough!

Batman-Dark-Knight-train-setBatman Train Set

The Bradford exchange offers two super hero sets which are awesome.  The batman train set is full of details and is very affordable.  The train sets sells for $85 and would make a wonder full addition to any model railroader.

Spider-Man Train Set

The Bradford exchange also has an Amazing-Spiderman train set for sale.  It is much like the Batman set and except with images of Spider-man on the train as well as a figure on top of the train.  Both train sets are HO Scale which is very important.  Both trains have amazing details and are very durable from the reviews that we have read.  We have recently heard rumors that Lionel train sets will also soon be available that would include other DC and Marvel characters. We will keep you updated.

If any of our readers have more information please email us.  Also include pictures of items that you would like displayed on our site.

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