Things to Consider When Buying Old Comics

by on August 3, 2009

For avid comic book collectors, the older a comic book gets, the better — especially if the comic book has quite retained its printing quality. An old comic that is almost in perfect condition is considered valuable and is priced many times higher than its original cover price. So, if you are a serious comic book collector who wants to buy old comics for your collection, it is wise to consider some important factors.
Collectors buy old comics that are in certain condition. You should know how to look for flaws and defects in old comics so you’d be sure you are getting your money’s worth. A comic book that has a few significant flaws is considered to be in good condition. Comic books that have a great number of flaws are graded fair or in poor condition. Those that have a few minor flaws are considered in mint condition and are valued higher.
When you are looking to buy old comics, consult a price guide to know how each condition affects the value of the comic. Most of the time, comic book price guides only list values based on comics that are in mint condition. You need to adjust accordingly if you want determine the value of comic books that are not in the finest condition.
Buy old comics from sellers that are known for their credibility. Since a comic’s value varies from one collector to another, it is wise to rely on someone you trust regarding comic book pricing. The comic book community is not a very large one so finding a credible seller or fellow collector wouldn’t be that hard. Join forums and online communities to get in touch with other comic book enthusiasts and who knows, there might be someone there who is selling a comic that is the only thing missing in your collections.

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