What Comic Books Are Valuable to Collectors

by on August 3, 2009

Vintage comic books are now being sought after by collectors who are willing to pay considerable amount of money just to get their hands on these collectibles. If by chance, you possess an old comic book and you are planning on selling it to a collector, you would do better to consider the few tips below. Or if you just want to know the value of your, say old Marvel comics, you might to read on as well.

First, if you want to know if that old Marvel comics are worth anything, take them to a reliable comic book expert at a collectible shop. There is a standard in determining the value of a comic book, which depends on the conic book’s quality. But this standard is not the be-all and end-all of old comic book pricing. They just ultimately give an idea how a certain title should be valued. The value of your comics is really determined by how much a collector is willing to shell out just for that copy.

Aside from quality, you should also determine if you are holding a relatively rare find. No matter its condition, if only a few copies of a certain issue exist, it will probably fetch a high value. An old Marvel comics with a few minor creases will or will not make you any money if there are many other copies of it exists. Look for price guides that list comic book rarities to be sure.

If you are holding a comic with a first appearance of an important character, for instance, an old Marvel comics with the first appearance of Spiderman, that comic is sure worth a significant sum of cash. A collector would pay you anything for it.

Comic books are once considered a cheap form of entertainment. But as years pass, these means of “cheap” entertainment can be valued higher than anyone can imagine.

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